The Treasure Map

Monday, November 4 - Sunday, November 10

Week in Review

Monday, November 4

  • 4th Grade Common Planning 9:00-9:38 (A week); 2:45-3:45 (B week)
  • 1st Grade Common Planning 2:30-3:30 (A week); 1:30-2:10 (B week)
  • 2nd Grade CogAT make-up testing
  • NTI sections 3-4 due
  • SAFE-T TT2, TT4, and ET2 due
  • Happy Birthday Erica Adkins!

Tuesday, November 5

  • CoGAT make-up testing
  • Picture Day!
  • Report Cards go home
  • iPad Training after school for 4th grade and 5th grade teachers and two reps from other grade levels in the Media Center
  • Leadership Team Meeting

Wednesday, November 6

  • 5th Grade Common Planning 2:45-3:30
  • K Common Planning 12:35-1:20
  • 2nd Grade Common Planning 2:45-3:45
  • CogAT make-up testing
  • 11:30 Literacy Team

Thursday, November 7

  • 3rd Grade Common Planning 8:00-8:45
  • 5th Grade Common Planning 9:55-10:35
  • CogAT make-up testing
  • 7:30 AP Meeting
  • Crystal off campus

Friday, November 8

  • CoGAT make-up testing
  • Writing Samples due in Dropbox (see email from Crystal)
  • PTA Movie Night
  • Terrific Kid Due
  • Crystal off campus

Saturday, November 9

Sunday, November 10

School Improvement Plan Standards Need our Feedback

We will be looking at Standards 4 and 5 over the next few weeks with the leadership team. Please take a peek and share your thoughts about those two and what feedback we should provide.

Red and Green Reference Guides

The red/green quick reference guides for teachers are not to replace any previous policies or procedures. This quick reference guide is for Life Safety responses identified as the Safe Seven. (I have attached a document that has the full version of the Safe Seven for faculty/staff.) Please have teachers keep the quick reference guide with their classroom emergency kits (if they have them) or near the main entrance so they are easily accessible.

The cards are not red and green for lockdown purposes it is a visual for evacuations. When everyone has evacuated the building the students are usually lined up behind their teachers. If the teacher has all of their students and everything is okay they hold up the green side. If a teacher is missing a student or needs assistance they hold up the red sign. It is a way for the Incident Commander to visually recognize an issue. This will also be a help during family reunification if we were all in one large space where noise could be a factor in a teacher getting assistance.

We are still finalizing the "full" job specific plans for everyone. When everything is finished there will be a quick reference guide and a full job specific plan for all faculty/staff, school administrators, front office staff, district office, custodial, after school, and transportation.

Roll out:

Quick Reference Guide for Faculty /Staff (Safe Seven)

Full Plan for Faculty/Staff

Quick Reference Guide for Administrators and Front Office Staff

Quick Reference Guide for Custodial and Transportation

Full Plan for Administrators and Front Office Staff

Quick Reference Guide for District Office

Quick Reference Guide for After School

Full Plan for District Office

Full Plan for Custodial and Transportation

Full Plan for After School

Why not just give everyone a full plan instead of a quick reference guide? The full plan ranges in size from 35 pages to 75 pages depending on job duties. It is not realistic to expect someone to fully memorize a full plan. Additionally, the plan in a binder could be cumbersome and inefficient in finding a proper response to an incident when every second matters. A goal of the quick reference guide is to give people quick reminders for responses.

When will we have full implementation of the new (SafeHaven) plan? I hope that we will start the 14-15 school year with all stakeholders utilizing the new plan. However, we have components in place now.

When will we be done making changes to the plan? The short answer is never. In order to continually improve we must continually change. Emergency Management is a never ending cycle of Planning, Preparing, Responding, and Recovering. We write a plan, drill the plan, perform after actions on the drill and then change the plan according to the lessons learned in the after action.

Remember, we are not working without a plan. Rock Hill has always had a plan. We are tweaking and re-formatting existing plans to be all-hazard and follow the Incident Command System.

Movie Night

Families have the opportunity to pre-order Chick-Fil-A dinners using a flyer sent through email. We have made it very clear to the families that orders are due back by next Wednesday, November 6th. We will be unable to accept orders after this date and Chick-Fil-A dinners will not be for sale at movie night. We will be selling other food and drink concessions at movie night.

Also, many of you have volunteered in the past for movie night, and it has been greatly appreciated. If you would like to volunteer for movie night this year please contact PTA. This year we purchased the year license from This will enable us to do more than one movie night and provide coverage for you all to use videos legally in your classroom. Not all videos are included in this Movie License please check with us and we can let you know what is covered.

Ms. Carter is Picture Perfect

Thank you to Ms. Carter for her tireless efforts creating a picture schedule for Tuesday. She has reworked this schedule numerous times to meet the needs of India Hook and the company taking the pictures. Thank you, Ms. Carter, for going above and beyond to help make picture day run smoothly!

This document will be sent by email.

The Roof, the Roof, the Roof is on FIRE!

Ms. Roof, thank you so much for everything you do at IHES. You are truly a gift. You wear so many hats each day it is hard to put into words all the things you do. This week we are truly appreciative for the extra time you spent at morning car duty in Ms. Taylor's absence. We are also grateful for the great Red Ribbon Week activity. You are so many things to this school: coach, leader, ambassador, and so much more...but we are all blessed to call you a PIRATE!

Kindergarten Assistants and Special Areas

Kindergarten assistants will have in writing what their responsibilities are during related arts on Monday morning. These will be placed in boxes.

State Farm "Like a Good Neighbor" Program - Third Grade

State Farm would like to recognize 10 boys and 10 girls each month. The criteria are simple: attitude, attendance, and academics. Selection is left to teacher descretion. Monthly recipients would be called to the Atrium where they will be met with Wintrhop players, coaches, or Mr. Big Stuff. The presentation will take only about 15 minutes.

Names of receipients due to Crystal by Nov. 12
Presentation Nov. 19

Jo Humphries-Day Change

Jo Humphries has been on campus on Thursdays, she will now be here on Wednesdays. We feel like this helps give her more availability to related service professionals.

Literacy Team Representatives

Thank you to Megan Lynn and Adam Batten for agreeing to serve at IHES Literacy Team Reps. We look forward to hearing updates from these two!

Guidance Corner

November – Self-Discipline

Exercising control according to what you think instead of how you feel at the moment. Work hard to be in control of your words, actions, and manage your emotions. Set goals, make plans to achieve them, and stay on track. Commit to a goal and make plans to achieve it. Self-discipline is doing your best in all situations.

The Fine Points

  • Crystal and I would like to challenge each classroom teacher to conduct parent conferences with 100% of their classroom population before the end of the first semester, Jan. 16.

Future Events

  • November 12, 15, 19, and 21 from 9:30-10:10am and 10:15-10:55am - 4th grade swimming....details to follow
  • November 21 3:15-4:45 Coffee and Caulkins @ DO Board Room
  • Thanksgiving Lunch Thursday Nov. 21 K 11:00, 1st 12:00, 2nd 1:00
  • Thanksgiving Lunch Friday Nov. 22 3rd 11:00, 5th 12:00, 4th 1:00
  • December 4 Make up picture day
  • by January 27, 2014 Progress conference to review goals for GBE
  • February 20 is the last day to spend teacher money.
  • by March 14 Annual Review of GBE performance; completed form due
  • by May 1 complete GBE survey