Metaphor Inc.

Who do you root for?

What is Metaphor?

Metaphor Inc. is a website based company. We are primarily a game day apparel based company; however our products vary from game day dresses, to frat apparel, to jerseys. Our product line has everyday clothes, outdoor and tailgating equipment, along with adding our retro apparel with our updated line.

Description of Departments:


CEO: Chief Executive Officer

COO: Chief Operational Officer

CFO: Chief Financial Officer


Administration is responsible for the bulletin board, monthly calendar, and also the monthly newsletter. They are also in charge of different parts of the business plan. Administration also helps out with other departments and their needs.

Human Resources

HR is in charge of the attendance and creating memos to send out to the company. They keep track of the assignments and assisting other employees. Human Resources is also in charge of scheduling a guest speaker to come talk to the employees.


Marketing is in charge of the product line, slogan, and the logo. They create the different packages and set up the website. Marketing is also in charge of pricing and promoting our products!


Accounting decides the salaries for each department and makes sure everyone gets paid. They are in charge of the main bank account and set up each employee's bank account. Accounting is also in charge of billing when products are sold and making invoices.

Sample Packages:

Upcoming Events in Metaphor:

Tour for Dr. Justus and the guidance counselors

Pigeon Forge Trip

Recent Events in the School Community:

Blaze Football

The Blaze currently have a 3-2 record. With being in a new division, the Blaze still power through the county. They have played multiple teams from out of state, to local rival schools such as Riverdale and Oakland. With the season still underway, the Blaze Boys are very fired up to go to playoffs and reach their goal of winning state!

Miss BHS

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, twenty-five girls participated in the 6th annual Miss BHS pageant. Each girl had the opportunity to perform a dance, pick a casual outfit of their choice, and wear their favorite formal wear. Out of these twenty-five girls, ten were selected to answer questions that decided the three runner ups and the next Miss BHS. Third runner up is Sierra Scales, second runner up is Mourette Gardner, first runner up is Dalyla Woods, and Ty Montgomery is crowned Miss BHS!