Louisiana Purchase

How did Thomas Jefferson's decision affect everyone else?

What is the Louisiana Purchase?

The Louisiana Purchase was one of the largest land purchases in history. Thomas Jefferson had bought the land from the French in 1803. The land stretched from the Rocky Mountains in the west, to Mississippi in the east, to Gulf Mexico in the south, to the Canadian border in the north. The territory contained 15 states; Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska; parts of Minnesota, most of North Dakota, South Dakota, Louisiana, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming. The land purchased was a total of 2,100,000 Square Kilometers.

How did the American econamy improve after the purchase?

After Thomas Jefferson had bought the land they lost a lot of money but slowly got it back. The more people that started to live on the new land, the more money made. Soon almost all of the land that people lived on was farmland. When people grew crops, then sold them, that meant they could raise their taxes and gain the money back. More money meant a better military, strong medicines, and more power. Also more people means more power.

Did Thomas Jefferson's decision affect everyone else in a positive way or a negitive way? Why or why not?

I think it affected everyone else in a positive way because after the purchase, the United States gained lot of money back. Once more people started to move onto the new land, that meant they could raise taxes and gain more money. once they had some extra cash in their hands, they could buy extra supplies for the military, construction, etc. Also the land meant a promise, that they could start becoming more than just a rebel group. It also meant that they had more people to control with equals more power against the British. And that was good news.

By: Dana Dougherty

Social Studies: Ms. Feest: Hours 6-7