Digital Citizenship Project

Darlene M Period 5

Top 7 rules for Digital Etiquette

Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

Treat other people the way you would want to be treated: Etiquette is like the real life.

Rule #2: Infomation Privacy

Don't share your personal information: You can put your identity in danger

Rule#3: Social Networking

Social networking is a way for people to communicate: such as Facebook, Twitter Snap chat.

Rule #4: Online Safety

Be extra careful with strangers: People will try to get your personal information

Rule#5: Cyber Bullying

Tell an adult if you are being Cyber Bullied

Rule#6: Plagiarism

If you are using a book or the internet you must give credit to the author

Rule#7: Copyright

Ask the author for permission if you want to use his or hers work such as arts

Digital Citizenship Paragraph

Digital Citizenship is diffrent rules you have to follow on the internet such as