Jeffers Pond Friday Outlook

January 15, 2016

Upcoming events

Please see the Schoology calendar for upcoming events.

Important information

All school meeting:Our next all school meeting will be on Feb. 11 at 3:00 PM. This is a rescheduled meeting. We will not be having an all school meeting on Jan. 28th.

K-5: EL Instructional Strategies for all Learners (MN License Requirement): Jillian will also be offering this session at Jeffers Pond in the spring. We will plan a date and I will let you know when this session will be offered. Please plan accordingly if you were not able to attend the EL session on Jan. 18th or would like to attend a different session.

Jan. 19th staff meeting: We will be meeting with Lynn to learn about Infinite Campus and grading and will have the time to ask questions and get into your gradebooks. Please bring your questions and data to enter if you are planning to use the work time following the meeting.

Golden items: We will announce our golden item winners next Wednesday, Jan. 20th. Please send your classroom names to me by Tuesday.

Bathroom challenge week of Jan. 18-22 -Every day, challenge to make 4 comments to other classes as to what positives are being observed.

*Nominate team members who have recognized your class or gave one of your students a “toadally terrific” specific to this expectation. Slips will be in the lounge to nominate.


Thank you to 2nd grade teachers for their hard work with students this week on the CoGAT testing and ensuring that all students had the best testing environment.

Thank you Jane for your help with the make up testing.

Thank you to Lisa and Dallas for their extra help with a kindergarten intervention.

Thank you to teachers for engaging in our conversation around student learning and instructional excellence.

Thank you to all of our paraprofessionals for their work each and every day supporting students and staff.

Inspiring Greatness

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Big image

3rd graders experiencing 1:1 ipads for the week.

Bonnie's class experienced a week of 1:1 ipads. Students were learning about verbs through a PearDeck presentation. It was fun to see the active engagement!