Constructing the Pyramid

two steps on bildding the pyramid

Can you imagine lifting and pulling 2 tons of brick for days and days? The Egyptians ancestors built the great pyramids of Egypt with only their hands. These are two steps that impressed me the most about building the pyramids. How the builders moved the stones and the construction process are very interesting to me.

The first impressing thing about the pyramids is how the builders moved the stones. They used no modern tools that we know. They used things they had like sledges. A sledge is a platform with skies at the bottom. The skies were the key to moving the stones. Water was another element used. They had no wagons, trucks, or trains, so they used water through boats that could deliver materials from quarries to the construction sites. Materials such as limestone, granite, and alabaster. They also pushed the stones up steep ramps the taller the pyramid got.

Next there is the construction of the pyramids. The pyramid construction process is quite fantastic. They built the pyramids west of the Nile, because ancient Egyptians believed that this area was called the realm of the dead. The west is also the place of the setting sun, so the pyramids represent the setting and rising of a life. The Egyptian workers and architects spent long hours creating and putting together these great buildings that we know today.

These two reasons make the pyramids even more interesting.

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