No Teacher Left Behind

Keeping Teachers Up To Date

How can we provide consistant learning opportunities for teachers?

I think that teachers should be offered a variety of methods to update learning. The school district could provide online trainings for teachers to access and require teachers to keep a log. Schools should make one or two online trainings mandatory. We should also be having beginning and ending of school year trainings about new topics. We need to have exciting trainings, where we are actually learning how to thrive in our rooms. It would be beneficial for a trainer to bring in new technology and actually make the teachers use them and learn about them. We could also have quarterly grade level meetings, where notes are taken and given to the principal. This way, the school district can see what is making things work, and what isn't!

Should we use certain practices to keep teachers up to date?

I think schools should require their teachers to have quarterly meetings. They can meet with the principal, reading specialists and so many more people involved in the learning process. They can look at scores and benchmark assessments. This way, they can see where they need to improve and can feed off of one another for ideas. If something is really working, and could help another grade, they can take that information on.

Should there be a consistant standard for all teachers?

I think there is enough stress on teachers as it is. If we keep adding more standards, we are going to get lost and confused. Teachers in New York are on a grading system according to how their students do on state tests. They get ranked according to how well their class does. When I did my teacher interview, one had told me that it is a lot of pressure and a lot of added weight. They need at least a 75 to be considered an exceptional teacher. There is so much pressure now, and we need to think of what is really important..the learning process. Making a national standard would be overturning the power of the state in education. If the state wanted to set a standard, maybe teachers should have to have so many hours of training a year. If the state and the school offer options, either online or at the school, teachers could work at their pace or over the summer to update themselves on what is new.

Something to think about...

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

-Judy Garland