Join the so Fab 24/24/24 Challenge

24 Faces in 24 hours for $24.00!!!

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Hayley Gurney a local professional makeup artist is so excited to launch her new career as a Mary Kay Skin Care Specialist and Makeup Consultant! This Thursday she is launching her business off with an amazing challenge!!! Hayley is planning to coach 24 chicas, within 24 hours, for $24.00 each! She is showcasing MK's latest Cream Eye Color Shadows (that are waterproof, great for lookin' fly in the summer time!) MK's Ultimate Lash Mascarra (stunning bold lashes) and MK's Eye Makeup Remover! Hayley is focusing on those smokin' windows to the soul and coaching amazing eye techniques for all beauty styles and questions!!! She will also have products availble for fine lines, dark circles, anti aging and premeiring LOVE LASH (a lash growing serum that is similar to Latisse w/out the side effects) Since Hayley is so sweet, she will be giving away awesome door prizes including one LOVE LASH Mascarra!! Bring 4 friends and all MK will be 50% off for you to order!!! Come have fun and meet one of Gulf Breeze's best make-up artist!

*$24.00 per person, will get you multiple products of your choice, that Hayley wll help you select!

The 24/24/24 Challenge

Thursday, March 21st, 9am to Friday, March 22nd, 9am

213 Norwich Dr

Gulf Breeze, FL