CV Grandparents Day Reid Park Zoo

Grandparents come in all forms both human and animal!

Join Canyon View Elementary and celebrate our Grandparents. Learn about animals and their Grandparents. Do turtle Grandpas help their grandturtle babies with learning to walk? Do Grandma monkeys give their grandmonkeys lots of kisses and hugs? Do beetle grandparents "beetlesit" their grandbabies? These are the some of the questions we hope to answer and many more you may have for the Reid Park Zoo Specialist.

Share Grandparents Day with your special someone and support Canyon View

Sunday, Sep. 8th 2013 at 9pm

900 South Randolph Way

Tucson, AZ

Canyon View Elementary supports the Reid Park Zoo with many field trips and guest speakers throughout the year. In coordination with this program for every Canyon View family membership purchased the Reid Park Zoo gives back to our FFO. Supporting the programs and technology that make our school great.

Join us in the MPR on September ,2013

Students and family members can meet in the MPR at for a fun filled morning of reptiles, bugs and mammals. Learn more about the relationships between adults and their children.