Gatling Gun

The Invention and How the Gatling Gun evolved today.

Information and Opinions on the Legendary Gatling Gun and the Inventor

Gatling guns were the newest, authentically made full automatic guns on the market. Or so was thought. These guns were a next step in to weaponry but had a few problems to them. In my opinion, although they had minor problems, these guns would be cool to get my hands on. The maker of this gun is named Richard Gatling, who invented the gatling gun in 1862. He was born in Hertford County, North Carolina, in 1818.

A short explanation video.

Please watch from 0:35-1:35
Original Colt M1883 Gatling Gun At April Auction

How has it evolved?

U.S. armed forces are still using the gatling gun today. It can be fired from an armored vehicle, a helicopter, on a boat, or from a standing position. Today it can be fired around 3,000 rounds per minute with only about 600-800 rounds per minute in 1862-1883. Please watch the video below to 0:00-1:04.
DEADLY FAST us military M134D gatling machine gun


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