Reading Reflections For 25 Books

Mrs. Kysars 1st period 7th Grade Class

Star Wars: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader

The rise and fall of Darth Vader is the six star wars movies, but told in Darth Vader's/ anakin Sky Walker it his entire life. The main conflict is the same conflict as the movies. Witch is he trying to do the right things, but not obeying the rules, so he ends up going down the wrong path, and turning evil. His bog turning point is when his mother dies in his hands. He then massacres the entire villeinage. How dose the character change across the story? This is the best possible question based on this book. He starts a selfless caring kid and starts to grow up and he becomes very smart and good with mechanics. While he is a teenager he becomes very skilled and powerful with the force and light saber he also builds up some anger and furry inside of him. finally as a full adult he joins the emperor and becomes Darth Vader witch is heartless smart, but a puppet. As Darth Vader he gained more force power, but lost his limbs and light saber skills.

The rise and fall of Darth Vader By Ryder Windham

Animals Up Close

This book is all about a man who goes around the world looking for rare smaller ,animals to photograph very close with a high definition large lens camera. The author grabs you're attention at the beginning by telling you about what all he encountered how he did it and some of the many perils he ran into discovering all of these amazing animals: "I can spend as long as i like creating each short and selling everything exactly the way I want it."..."Friend or foe[sub-title] I met a Dani warrior on my first day in West Papua." 96pg

100 Deadliest Things On The Planet

Myths Busted

Myths Busted for Kids