E.B. White

By McKenna Mercer

About E.B. White

E.B. White was born in New York. He was born on July 11, 1899. He wrote the famous book Charlotte's Webb . He has won countless awards for many of his books. E.B. White is such a great author! His real name is Elwyn Brooks White but he goes by the name of Andy. Andy sounds nothing like Elwyn but thats his nickname. He had hypochondria which is the fear of imaginary illness but that didn't stop him! He became one of the most loved children's authors.

Famouse Books

E.B. White has wrote many famous books including Charlotte's Webb, Stuart Little, and Trumpet of the Swan. He has sold over 45 million copies of Charlotte's Webb. When he graduated from Cornell University he became a sports writer and got introduced to becoming an author. His very first book was Stuart Little.

Other facts

E.B. White has won countless awards for all of his creative books! He died on October 11, 1985. He has been such an amazing author throughout the years! He is still one of the most famous authors.