Edwin Hubble

Expanding our view of the final frontier

The back story of Hubble

This great astronomer was born in Marshfield Missouri, November 29, 1889. He attended high school in Chicago, then went to Oxford university to study law. In 1917, he obtained a doctorate in astronomy. Then participated in World War I. Then later worked at Mount Wilson observatory in California. Then finally died in San Marino California, on September 28, 1953

Father of the Big Bang Theory

He is the father of the Big Bang Theory, the theory that claims the universe is expanding outward.

Inventor of the Hale telescope

He invented the Hale telescope which as given us the advantage to see galaxies that are outside of our own

War hero or science hero

As World War II approached he had to make a hard decision. Join the military to fight the nazi's or be a scientist and help in fighting that way. A after some thought he decided he was more beneficial as a scientist. He got a medal for his work

Did you know

Edwin Hubble died cerebral thrombosis , a blood clot in the brain.