The Warrior Way

Week of December 14th

Our Centers!

"My center is a child? I am all about having fun and enjoying what I am doing." -Emilie Molitor

"My center is understanding. I like to listen and understand what people have to say." -Christian Baez

"My center is when students succeed and make
growth. I also wake up every morning wondering who’s going to make me laugh, who’s
going to tell me a funny story, or who might need that extra hug to know
that someone cares about them as a person.":- Denise Mitchell

Continue to focus on what drives you each day. In the upcoming semester we are going to continue to refine our focus to help meet the needs of our students.

Proud to be a Warrior,


If you have not already done so please follow the "your center" link below to add your thoughts to the group. I have a plan for using your ideas for our building.

Morning meeting

Please don't forget to review with your students the change in morning procedure for the second semester. Students will arrive each morning and sit in rows outside of their classrooms. At 7:30 students will enter their rooms where they will have time to prepare for the day. I appreciate all of you working with your students to make this adjustment as smooth as possible. We will talk more on Thursday at our faculty meeting.

Jobs for the Week!

Morning meetings: 5th

Morning Announcements:Richardson

Lunch count North: Hunter

Lunch count South: Wa.tman

Below is a link to a calendar of classroom jobs for the year. Please let me know if there any other classroom responsibilities that I should add. We may find the the need to add more throughout the year as well.


98.7% attendance last week!!!! Way to Go!!!!!!!!!!
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The Week Ahead

Looking forward to a great week!

Monday December 14th-

Newspaper club

Jeff CO-nurses meeting-9:00

Choir practice

Tuesday December 15th:

Tier 2

Front Row

Bell Choir

Wednesday December 16th:

3rd grade care team

Jeff CO-Driver meeting-8:45

Thursday December 17th:

Holiday choir concert

Front Row

Friday December 18th:

Half day-

Holiday party-5:00-Mrs. Long's house

WOW staff!

Jeff-paras-Thank you to all of our paraprofessionals. Your flexibility and willingness to pitch in whenever and wherever is amazing. Thank you.

Jeff-family night planners/helpers- Thank you to everyone who was able to help with our family literacy night. I heard nothing but positive from all who attended. Thank you.

Jeff- Bridget and Katie- Thank you for pushing me out the door so I was able to attend my daughter's Holiday concert. I say it all the time that family comes first and I greatly appreciated the reminder and help making sure I followed my own advice.

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