Al Capone

Capone's Early Years

Al capone born in january 17th, 1899 growing up he had a loving and caring family. While he was growing up he did not to good in school. And he once got suspended for hitting a teacher. later on he dropped out of school.As he grew up Al Capone became a mobster for and he moved to operations with Cicero with the help of his brother Frank. In Al Capone's twenties he moved to Chicago and he became a bodyguard. He then separated from that and he became a gangster he had shoot downs with the people that did not appreciate the stuff that he did. They just would not say anything because they were scared the same thing would happen to them. And then one time one of his gang members traded on him and that was what caused the St. Valentines Day Massacre it killed 18 people. And as Al Capone always does he then went into hiding he did not like hiding though but one of the members told him that it was a good idea. Then Al Capone thought he would cool down on the killing so he spent some time with is son Albert Francis Capone. They went to baseball games together and did Father and Son activities. While he was doing that the Government was trying to find a way that they could take him to prison. So a few days later they found out that he had tax evasion. So they sent him to Atlanta state prison. But he was starting to take over and got to much handed to him so Atlanta sent him to Alcatraz. Alcatraz did not let him have anything and they sure did not treat him like a king. and they told him that if he acted bad they would put him kinda like a torture chamber it is almost like you are squished in there. He spent 6 years in D block and then 11 years at the hospital January 21, 1947 Al Capone had a stroke at his house he was unconscious and then regained consciousness and started to improve. But contracted pneumonia. he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest the next day. On January 25, 1947, Al Capone died in his home, surrounded by his family; he was buried at mount Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, Illinois.