Midnight Regiment Weekly

Week of August 22nd

Mr. Goodnight's Minute

What a rewarding 3 weeks we have had! The journey is only beginning and I can't wait to see us continue to push ourselves. Please be looking at your music with the step-offs over the next few days.

If you are not familiar with my weekly newsletters then please make sure you go through the entire newsletter and all the links provided. I will send a newsletter out every Sunday with the weekly rehearsal schedule and the semester rehearsal schedule. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email. The email can be found at the bottom of the newsletter.

Go Demons! Go Midnight Regiment!


Weekly Rehearsal Schedule

Monday, August 22nd - No School

Tuesday, August 23rd - No School

Wednesday, August 24th - No School

Thursday, August 25th - No early Rehearsal

Friday, August 26th - Drumline and Colorguard at 7:15 am, Brass and Woodwinds at 7:30 am

First Day of School

Thursday, Aug. 25th, 8am

1003 Oklahoma 33

Perkins, OK

Please make sure you are in the room around 8am and seated by 8:05am. We will be going over the handbook and all of the details for the semester. I will also cover how concert band auditions are going to work this year.

If you don't already have a black binder, please bring one on Thursday.



The New Officers are:

President: Catherine Chambers

Vide-President: Patsy Matheson

Secretary: Valerie Hill

Treasurer: Nicole Zoellner

Reporter: Kristena Smith

We have plenty of opportunities for parents to help out with the following Committees:

Hospitality (Food for performances throughout the year)

Uniforms (Fitting and cleanings)

Fundraising (This is VERY important! We now have a committee head, but could use some more members)

Email me at rgoodnight@p-t.k12.ok.us if you can help serve in these areas!

OSU Concessions


Volunteers who are 12 or older, their parents, and siblings can volunteer for as many games as they want. Your duties may include cashier, runner, or food prep. The more games you and your family volunteer for, the more you earn! Each volunteer will earn $10/hour with a 5-hour minimum ($50.00) and rounded to the next half hour if additional time is worked per game, receive a Coney Island T-shirt as well as free food and drinks while volunteering. We work 5 to 6 hours per game day with the arrival time 2 hours prior to kick-off. The kickoff time varies and the first three home games have published kickoff times of 6 pm (arrive at 4 pm). We will update the kickoff times as they are announced. Please follow the link to sign up to volunteer! More information to come.

2022 OSU Home Games

9/1 - Vs. Central Michigan, 6 pm kickoff (arrive at 4 pm)

9/10 - Vs. Arizona State, 6 pm kickoff (arrive at 4 pm)

9/17 - Vs. AR-Pine Bluff, 6 pm kickoff (arrive at 4 pm)

10/8 - Vs. Texas Tech, TBD kickoff

10/22 - Vs. Texas, TBD kickoff

11/12 - Vs. Iowa State, TBD kickoff

11/26 - Vs. West Virginia, TBD kickoff

Have a blessed day!

Nicole Zoellner



This year's jazz band will begin the Monday after fall break. This is such a great opportunity to become a well-rounded musician!

There will be an audition process for this ensemble this year. I encourage everyone to try it out. If we have enough then there is a possibility of having two ensembles!


  • No food or drink in the band room. If you have food or drink please enter through the west or southeast doors and do NOT bring it into the room.

  • No cell phones during rehearsal. If you are having to sit and wait while I work with a different section then you need to be looking at your part.

  • Make sure you have your own pencil (Preferably 2) for rehearsal every day.

  • If an early rehearsal begins at 7:15am then please be in your seat ready to go at that time. Not walking in the door. I will typically open the doors between 7am-7:05am.

Contact and Social Media

Please make sure you are following us on our social media. Also feel free to email me with any questions you may have.