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What You Should Know About Scientology

First, what is Scientology? Scientology is the religion based on self-knowledge and spiritual development through studies. Second, the founder of Scientology is L. Ron Hubbard.

Major Ideas

The religion of Scientology believes in many ideas. One idea is that a human body is an immortal spiritual being, that is in a physical body. Another idea is that a man is good, and that he is wanting to survive, and that he has to depend on himself. One other idea is that a being has had past lives, and it is observed as lives preceding the persons arrival on Earth were lived in extraterrestrial cultures.

How Many People Are Practicing Scientology?

Today, about 10 million people are practicing Scientology and more than 10, 000 churches have been built worldwide.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can join, as long as they take the steps to join.