first thers me and i am our best defender. if i get that ball i will kick it away from u and make us score. if i have to i will kick it out away from u so u have to give it to me and lose. if u get the ball behind me i will speed to u and kick it i am the fastet person on our team and i will never lose when that happens and if it dose i will never give up and get made thats my secret if im mad u will need the most luck ever to beat me


Jose is our best goale, he never lets that ball go through and if he dose then dont be so happy he will not let it happen agine. dont try to go aginst jose because u will lose. and he dosen even need defenders to help him because he is the defender and thats jose!!! and one more ting he is the best gole on our leage and u will never win aginst us


santi is our best striker ever. he will never give up the ball and if hes near the goal he will score and that is the best thing about him. never try to take the ball away from him he will get it back. but the bad thing about him is that he never passes the ball. but he makes us win every time and that is santi!!!


The games are the fun part of soccer. right now i am going 27 and 2. wev hade 27 goals and 2 goals scored on us. that is good for us we are undifetad never face us or u will pay for it and lose. if u win we dont have santi on our team he is the best striker ever on my team. if u win aginst him he has to be hurt or sick and u will win but no other way will u beat him and me i am the best defender ever on that team u will not get that ball away from me and if u do think agine i will speed right up to u and get that ball never do that or i will kick it away. backoff from our team or u will lose.