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Keep the Holidays Joyful Using These Family Pet Tips

Keeping our pets protected is critical any time of the year, but with the holidays coming up fast, I would like to spread some advice on holiday pet safety. When you bring a brand new tree into the home, especially a real tree, there is no telling how your dog may respond. There are many problems when it comes to accessories. Such as your pets knocking over your tree or eating your ornaments, even if they have their service dog certification. The worst case scenario would be the pet ingesting your bows, garland, or tinsel and having to go to the veterinarian! While the holidays are a great time of year, it can rapidly become a headache if proper precautions are not utilized.

Let's get started by talking about your tree. Pick a place to put the tree where there is no heavy traffic, but everyone can still observe and enjoy it. Positioning the tree near high traffic areas will enhance the odds of its getting knocked and possibly falling over. Try putting it by a wall or corner that has a wall socket so no one trips over the cables.

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If it is a live tree, center the tree on an extra-large plastic bag, and cover it utilizing your tree skirt. This will not only give some volume to the flooring around your tree, it will also result in effortless clean up. After the holiday season you can easily carry the tree to the garbage by taking the decorations and skirt off then pulling the bag up over the tree. You steer clear of the problem of pets ingesting or walking on the needles because the bag has captured all the loose needles that fell.

If your dog is anything like mine, they love to mess around and below the tree, which could cause cuts. If the tree begins swaying it may knock the ornaments off and cut them. Secure the tree by placing 2 small hooks on the 2 corner surfaces so you can tie the tree to these. And bear in mind; be very conscious of exactly where you are placing any electrical cords. Hide them well enough, or place them out of the grasp of your pet dog. We all understand young puppies are likely to gnaw on everything in sight and gnawing the cord can lead to electrocution.

Aim to swap your ornament hooks with a loop of string instead. These hooks can lead to serious damage if a pet dog finds one that has fallen off the tree and decides to munch on it. Place plastic or wood ornaments on the lower limbs. Any type of food (i.e. popcorn, garland or candy ornaments) has to be averted, or your furry friend may just think Santa brought them an early present! Their service dog certification training may go right out the window. They will imagine they've died and gone to heaven!

When possible, you can avoid problems by not placing gifts underneath the tree until you definitely have to. Household pets love to explore and will not care that they typically are not to be opened ahead of the holiday. The paper could be detrimental if chewed or ingested, let alone your present will be destroyed. Additionally be mindful with ribbons. These can get caught in a pets throat if they are determined to chew on it.

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