Follett Shelf Challenge

by Karen Puckett


The requirement is to check out and review in 2 books in Follett Shelf, check them back in, then send me or you the titles of the books they looked at.

How to win the FollettShelf Challenge

Browse on:

Choose Isenberg

Click on Catalog Tab

Click on Follett Shelf on the right side of the screen

Staff Access:

User Name = First 4 letters of last name and last 4 of SS #

Password = Last 4 of SS #

Choose 2 books that fit your curriculum in FollettShelf. Check them out. Review them. Check them back in. Send Mrs. Puckett or Mrs. Brown the titles of the 2 books. Added bonus -- have your students open a book on their iPads with student access:

Student Access:

Click on Isenberg

Click on FollettShelf

Username: PowerSchool#

Password: PowerSchool#