After reading this, you'll know all about the inside and outside of a computer

Input Devices

As you know, many different devices have lots of different functions and one of the 4 main functions is input devices. Input devices are basically anything you use to insert information into your computer like a mouse, keyboards and joystick.

Output Devices

Output devices are very important because they put the information to use by displaying it and they are one of the only reasons that we are able to view any piece of information or work. Many examples of output devices are: speakers, screens, headphones and of course printers.

Operating Systems

An operating system is basically the most important program on a computer and without it, the computer wouldn't work. Operating systems take care of the memory, software and hardware and some examples of it are: Windows, IOS, Android and of course much much more.

Hard Drive

The hard drive is something that is inside of your computer and it stores all of your information like your files, pictures and videos. Hard drives make accessing your information really easily even without the internet. It is a little bit bigger than your hand and can hold around 100 GB of data which is quite a lot.

Optical Drive

When talking about computers, the word optical refers to lasers which read and analyze optical discs that includes CDs and DVDs. When you put your optical disc into the drive, the dips and bumps in the drive help the computer read the disks and that is a really basic explanation of how an optical drive works


A computer’s monitor is another word for screen and what a monitor does is it displays what the user wants to view on its computer. Many different computers have different types of monitors especially in the olden days where they couldn't even view their information.


Many people call the CPU “the brains” of a computer because it develops and runs the operation system which is the input/output operation. CPU stands for central processing unit which shows how important the CPU is.


RAM is made up of mini memory chips that are located on the motherboard of your laptop. What it does is load all the programs in a fast way rather than loading programs on a hard disk which will make it really slow. RAM stands for Random Access Memory and by the name you should be able to tell what its all about.


Most of the things that I talked about on top like the RAM, CPU, etc. are all located in the mother board. The mother board is also called the main board and backbone of the computer. The mother board is simply what makes all of the components on your computer work together.

Touch Screens

Touch screens look and are exactly like a normal screen except for the fact that it has different input devices. For example: A normal screen would need a mouse and keyboard while a touch screen will just need a finger or stylus

Tim Berners Lee

Tim Berners Lee graduated from Oxford University and has invented the World Wide Web (www.) He also wrote the first web client and the first web client in 1990.

Alan Turing

The famous mathematician, Alan Turing, helped us in many many ways and made things so much easier for us. He truly was a man before his time and discovered many things that helped solve the World War 1 and was often called the father of computer science.