Skin and Acne

Karmen Hazen

The Layers of the Skin

Your skin is considered an organ, that just so happens to be the largest organ of the body, that covers you. There are three layers of the skin that includes the epidermis, next the dermis, and lastly the hyper dermis.

Functions of the Skin

The skin has three main functions. These functions are to protect the body from diseases and germs called pathogens. Your skin also senses surroundings. This being said, it can cool the body by sweating by sweat glands when it's a long, hot day. Not only does it do these things, but produces vitamin D after being out in the sun as well.

Fun Facts About Your Skin!

-A large amount of dust is actually a pile of dead skin. WOW!

-The skin will renew itself about ever 28 days.

-Every 5 cm of skin equals to about 600 sweat glands!

What Is Acne?

Acne is the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin. These glands produce an oily substance that prevents the skin from drying out.

How To Treat Acne

The best way to treat acne is to cleanse and exfoliate. Using a mild cleanser twice a day will flush out dirt or any bacteria sitting in the pores. Exfoliating removes layers of dead skin cells, which clog the pores. One other way to treat acne are medications that can be prescribed to you from your doctor.
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Fun Facts About Acne!

-It is a MYTH that acne is caused by the foods you eat.

-There is no actual cure for acne. There are treatments to control and/or prevent acne, although no cure to be 'immune' to this.

-It is a MYTH that sun exposure clears up acne.