Exotic Pets


Have you ever wanted an exotic pet? Well if you have I'm against it unless you know a lot about the animal don't get one. Who knows you might just end their freedom or even life wouldn't that be bad?

Reason 1

Do you want a pet that can kill you? I know I don't. Some animals can easily hurt or kill you. Some lions and bears can way up to one-thousand pounds what if one fell on you that could injure you very badly or kill you. You or the animal could also get sick from one another.

Reason 2

They can cost a lot of money. Some lions can eat hundreds of pounds of meat a week. And if you feed them the wrong stuff it could poison them or even kill them. They can destroy your house or the stuff in your house. Even if you have them in a cage in your backyard some can destroy your yard. If they get a cut or infection it could cost a lot of money to treat them or get them the medical help they need.

Reason 3

It may hurt their background or count. If people got the same exotic animal-and doesn't breed them-they can go endangered. Since they weren't breed to be in captivity they can hurt your friends or family that come to your house. If people got the same exotic animal and did breed them then there might not be enough in the wild to let them have the traits they have now.

Opposing View

Some. People think it's fine to have exotic pets. Some do it to become popular or stand out. Some people just plane up don't care so they get an exotic pet. But i say if you know enough about the animal you can get one but if not don't get one.


I don't think it's fair for animals to have to deal with moving out of their home. Would you like to just be moved out of your house to a place that you've never seen before in your life without choosing. Why would you need one you or the animal can get hurt, they cost a lot of money, and it can hurt their background or count.


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