Blended Math 8

Mrs. Marlow

My life . . .

  • Moved 24 times
  • Went to NC STATE - Wolfpack
  • Teaching: 16 years, 4th year at CMSW
  • Have been married for 21 years : )
  • I am a youth leader in my church, Rock Point Church
  • Both my boys play select baseball - practices 4 times a week, plus tournaments.
  • Matt plays football for McKamy - games Tuesday
  • Geoff plays football for McKamy -games Monday
  • Lauren plays select soccer for Celtic

Contact information

phone number: 214-496-8680

Tutoring Time

CIL Monday & Tuesday Morning: 7:00 - 7:30 am
Thursday Afternoon: 3:30 - 4:00pm
by appointment

Text book

  • Consumable math book
  • online text book
  • Go Math


Scaffolding (formative/daily grades/WSR): 15%

Performance tasks (small projects, quizzes, group activities): 25%

Summative (tests and major projects): 45%

Professional ethics (see rubric on BlackBoard): 15%


  • You may only reassess on Level 2 grades
  • You must come for tutorials and then you can reassess
  • You have 2weeks to reassess from the day the level 2 is returned


  • Everyday bring Macbook, charger, and ear buds
  • Any technology issues the learners need to let iWest educators know. We will put in a help ticket.
  • Blackboard lessons and assignments
  • Notes, videos, formative assessments online.
  • Poll Everywhere, Socratives,
  • Real life activities in class

Survival Tips

Come prepared -
  • Ready to work,
  • homework complete,
  • all materials,
  • computer charged
Log onto Blackboard daily
  • all assignments are on blackboard
  • lesson responses - google form, socrative, blogs
  • take corneal notes - big question left
  • take notes on all videos
  • notes will be checked during the week
Ask if you have questions...
  • collaborate
  • email
  • google

This class is going to be AWESOME!

Are you ready to think?
Are you ready to work together?
Are you ready learn?