By Robert Sanchez


The job writing/author develops written content for advertisements, books, magazines, films and television scripts, songs, and blogs.

Writers write fiction or nonfiction through scripts, novels, and biographies. They also work with editors and clients to shape the material so it can be published. All writers work in an office, at home, or anywhere else they have access to a computer; however, self employed and freelance writers usually work part time or have variable schedules.

The skill you need to have to become a writer is advancing your writing skills. Writing: communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience. The average salary is $28.97 hourly and $60,250 annual. In order to be a writer you need to have a bachelor's degree and moderate-term on-the-job training. The job outlook hasn't grown over the years. The average is very slow up to 2% to 4%, there are about 26,100 job openings, and the amount of employees are 137,000.


Career Connection

Nora Renteria - Operational Risk Manager/Author/T.V. Co-host

Where did you go to college?
"Lake County College and transferred to Columbia."
Was it ever difficult to become an writer?

"A little because you have to put your thoughts together."

What made you want to be an writer?

"Share her own story to help kids being able to go to college."
Was there any other dreams you've had besides an author?
"Yes, to be a teacher."

High School Preparation

The courses that can help me with my career are:
World Literature 1 - college-preparatory, it will help me with my communicating skills, practicing writing skills as active reading, speaking, and listening.
Writing Workshop - It will help me with developing new writing skills, techniques, for generating, creating, and improving ideas.
Contemporary Novels - I would begin reading novels written since WWII, it will help me focus on thematic issues and stylistic patterns characteristics of modern works.


These are references about teachers who comment on how I am in their classes, I am a great student and how it help me to apply myself for jobs.

Aria Choi, school social worker - "Robert is very polite, respectful, and very socially aware. He asks how I am doing, he can be concerned about other people's well-being, which makes him a good employee because he is relational and would contribute to a positive working environment. Lastly, Robert has great work ethic and any employer would be able to trust him to get the job done."
Arron Snyder, special education teacher - "Robert advocates himself very well, he is very open and willing to work out situations by talking to someone. He is a very caring person, he wants to make other people proud."
Leslie Nelson, special education teacher - "Robert is very friendly and respectful. He is motivated to do well and tries hard. Robert helps others and is very generous."

Post-Secondary Plans

My post secondary plan would be able to go to college and then transfer into a university. Because I want to take a year at college and then transfer at a university in Wisconsin.
Lake County College - Grayslake, Illinois

It is mentioned to be one of the reputable colleges; Also, many students take classes for tech campus at CLC. The amount of help you had during high school, students would be able to have that amount once they apply at CLC.
Marian University - Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
This school is a co-educational, Catholic University that inspires personal and professional success through an engaging, values-based education. Marian University students graduate well-prepared to begin exciting careers in their fields or for admission to rigorous graduate and professional programs across the nation.
Marquette University - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The school is ranked in the 2017 edition of the Best Colleges is National Universities, 86. A private Catholic, Jesuit school, has more than 20 academics centers and institutes on campus; also includes students and intern in the nation's for a semester.