The Rock Cycle!

By: Laasya Madiraju

The Rock Cycle

Weathering and erosion breaks down rocks into sediments. The sediments slowly and gently press together to create sedimentary rocks. Then the sedimentary get put under extreme heat and pressure to create metamorphic. The metamorphic rocks cool down and turn into igneous. There for the igneous rocks turn back into sediments and the cycle keeps going.


This is classified as metamorphic because is was a sedimentary rock put under extreme heat and pressure. It forms when limestone is put under heat and is pressured. It is found in u.s.( Alabama Colorado,Montana and Texas. It is used to make toothpaste, paper and sometimes buildings.

Halite or Rock Salt

This is classified as a sedimentary rock because it is made up by many different sediments plus it has many layers.It forms by evaporation of oceans or saltine lakes.It is rarely found In earths surface expect the places that are really dry or arid. It is used in animal and human diets, food seasoning, food preservation ant ect.


It is classified as igneous because it happens when volcanic glass cools down. It is formed(like I mentioned) when volcanic glass cools down. It is found in Argentina, Iceland, Italy, Tapan, U.S. and ect. It is used in jewelry, computer and even some surgeries.