The invasion of plastic bags

The effects on the animals.

Many animals eat plastic and die. It's because of the humans, we pollute.
Le huitième continent

The oceans.

Many bags end up in the oceans. It's bad for marine animals and the planet .
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Coral Fields.

The sun doesn't know reach the coral fields because plastic bags are above. They die because they don't know grow.

The planet.

We produce too many plastic bags in the world. People throw the bags in the streets. 122 million plastic bags for 5000 kilometers in France . They never disappear. Production consumes water, energy , and fumes that cause global warming .
Plastic bags are light to be recycled. The scenery is ugly now.


Plastic bags aren't free to reduce consomation. There are biodegradable but it's very expensive and it doesn't motivate people. It should disappear for always. We would use cloth bags to reuse many times.


Thursday, April 30th, 8:30am

Plastic World.

We organise an event for the planet because she's ill. We invite you for pick up the plastic bags in your village for a day and we ask not to pollute after this day. Thank you.