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This year accomplish your bucket list

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Training is fast approaching! it is imperative that you come into training with an open mind and have read all of the documents we have supplied you before coming up. Training is fun but can be tiring. It is important to take time for yourself during this time because Orientation is extremely busy!

You will receive a google calendar email a couple days prior to the beginning of training with the schedule. It will be subject to changes and any updates will be on that calendar.

RA's- New RA's we had previously sent out a note that we would be doing Mental Health First Aid on Saturday August 23rd. Due to conflicts in schedules, we have now found pockets of time during training that this will occur. Training will start at 10am on the 24th.


You must have your CPR and PRC ready to present for the first day of training. Please make sure that you have these documents with you for the first morning of training.

Important Documents

In the email you are receiving this in, attached will be either the RA manual or the HP manual and constitution. Please read these carefully. They will be the stepping stones that we will build upon in the upcoming year.

Even if you are returning to the team, you will need to review these documents carefully as there have been changes over the summer that will be implemented for the upcoming year.

What to Bring to Camp (RA's)

For the first part of Resident Assistant Training we will be going to Camp Duncan on Loon Lake about 30 minutes outside of Thunder Bay. You will be staying in cabins and we will be cooking our own meals.

We will be departing for camp the afternoon of Sunday August 24th. You will have a small window of time to gather your things so it is important to be packed ahead of time. We will be returning to campus the afternoon of Wednesday August 27th.

Suggested items:

- Sleeping supplies (sleeping bag or sheets and blanket) and pillow

- Bathing Suit

- Towel

- Shower stuff (if you so choose)

- Sunscreen

- Bug Spray

- Beach Shoes

- Shoes to be active in (runners are recommended)

- Clothing according to the forecast (remember summertime in Tbay means warm days and cool nights and mornings)

Camp is an important time to get to know each other and there will be lots of learning to be had. Therefore, limit the amount of electronic devices you bring and cellphone use will not be permitted at meals, sessions or other group time.

A NEW RULE: A new rule that has been implemented by the Church that we rent the camp from is that no cigarettes are to be smoked or even be possessed on camp property.

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Door Tags

1. Who is responsible for them?

- RAs and HPs are to coordinate this effort. #teamapproach for door tags

2. What to put on them?

- House Theme

- Student Name (leave blank- you will fill in close to move in as lists change)

- House RA and ext.

- House HP and ext.

- Front Desk ext. 8612

- Security ext. 8911 or 8569

- 2 closest RA ext

3. Software?

- Powerpoint

- Pages

- Word

- Publisher

- Photoshop

4. Who do I submit it to?

- Residence Halls (Courtney)

- APT/TH (Jomo)

Submissions must be in PDF format

5. Deadline?

No later than Thursday August 21st 4pm

House Clothing

Now is a great time to start discussing your House Clothing with your team mate! Getting ideas together now will save you big time down the road! If you can present some ideas to your students rather than leaving it ambiguous, it will help expedite the process.

There are some great ideas and tips and tricks in the House President manual to take a look at.

House clothing must be approved by your RAC and ordered in first semester so you can wear your house colours proudly.

Charlotte's Summer Update

Hey team! I’m Charlotte, the RA of Shebandowan (first floor North Apartments), partnered with HP Jenn Smith (J-Dawg). I’m a third year Nursing Student from Nova Scotia, and most recently, Southern Ontario (Cornwall). Down South is where I spent my spring, in fact, doing a statistics course and studying for a big exam in August. In June, I returned to Thunder Bay where I’ve been living with family, studying (still) for the August exam and working at St. Joseph’s Hospital as a Student Nurse. Favourite moment in hospital so far: removing 32 staples from my patient’s leg! Between books and scrubs, the rest of this summer has been family/friend time and being outdoors whenever possible. I hope that you, too, have had a great summer so far, and that you’re looking forward to training! If it’s anything like last year, there will be ridiculous shenanigans, intense learning and some serious bonding no matter what secret schedule we follow, so I hope you’re ready for some fun! Cheers and see you soon!


Have been shared a google folder with the title Class Schedules. Please upload your Fall schedule no later than Friday August 8th at 4pm. When uploading, please title your schedule Name, Position, House.

It is critical that we have these schedules to determine meeting times and to determine RA Meeting, Council Meeting, Area Meetings and In Service Training Times for the Year.


If you will have a vehicle for the fall, please email both Courtney and Jomo with this information. We are trying to sort out Transportation for Training and this information would be very helpful. Any driving that will be done for Residence specific events will be reimbursed.
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