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For the Week of September 25th - 29th, 2023

Weekly Updates

Dear Hózhó Families,

Thank you for your support and understanding last week. We're glad to be back to our daily assemblies this week and celebrating our new 9th graders this Friday!

Wednesday, October 4th: Early Start/Release. School starts at 7:45 and is out at 1:15. The bus schedule will be 45 minutes early for the pick-up time and 2 hours and 15 minutes early for the drop-off time.

9th Grade Promotion- Friday the 29th: Parents of 9th graders, please go to the junior high location at 306 NM State Rd 564 at 8 AM to line up for the parade. Mr. Balok will meet you there and lead the parade. Once you drive through the track area you will park across from the gym and come inside. Mr. Malcom and Mrs. Terrill will meet the 9th graders and line them up to process in. After the ceremony, we will have light refreshments and students will return to class by 2nd period.

Picture Retakes: School picture retakes are on Tuesday, September 26th. If you're getting retakes, please let your child know why so we can fix it. School photos are posted on http://my.photoday.com Code: PGHH24678

Transportation Contact - For any transportation-related calls, please call Keith Hillock at (505) 458-4923 or email khillock@hozhoacademy.org. Messages are checked regularly throughout the day. Transportation finalizes its daily list at 2 PM every day. If you call after 2 PM, it will be too late to get your child off of the bus list. We are here in the office every day until the last child gets dropped off.

If you have questions, please reach out to our front office at (505) 722-8922.

Important Dates

September 29th - 9th Grade Promotion Ceremony

October 4th - National Diversity Day (Wear Cultural Attire)

October 4th - Early Start/Release Day (7:45 AM - 1:15 PM)

October 5th and 6th - No School (Parent-Teacher Conferences)

October 6th - End of First Quarter

October 9th - No School (Indigenous Peoples Day)

Important Links

National Diversity Day

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Literacy Corner by Elise Farrell

Did you know!?... One of the reasons the English language is complex is because it has its roots in many different languages! From ancient Greek to Latin, to Old English, these and- many other languages pooled together to create the English language we speak today. That is why we have multiple ways of spelling multiple sounds (there are eight ways alone to spell the /A/ sound) as well as root words, prefixes, and suffixes from other languages that change the meaning of a word. These work as clues to help us when understanding and spelling more complex vocabulary.

When we can recognize the root language of a word, we can decipher its meaning. For example;

Phon = Greek meaing "voice" or "sound"

Words that use phone include

  • Phonograms - multi-letter patterns that make sound
  • Telephone – device used for communication (tele is Greek for far)
  • Megaphone - a device used to amplify someone's voice

-ectomy - Greek meaning the surgical removal of something, an excursion

Words that use –ectomy include

  • Appendectomy – the removal of the appendix
  • Pancreatectomy – the removal of the pancreas

When a prefix (syllables at the beginning of a word that mean something by themselves) and suffix (syllables at the end of a word that mean something by themselves) is added to a word we already know, we can understand its new meaning if we know the meaning of that prefix or suffix. For example;

il - a Latin prefix meaning not

illegal – not legal

-able, -ible – capable of being

Manageableable to be managed

Edible - able to be eaten

If we study the root languages that make the English language, we can recognize these clues and thus are better able to understand complex vocabulary.

Book of the Week

Let's talk fairytales! I love a good Disney or Pixar movie as much as the next person, however it is important that we read the original fairytales as these films often strip the stories of key details. They present a very shallow version of what is in fact a beautiful story with deep morals and themes.

Did you know that Frozen is based off of Hans Christian Andersons' The Snow Queen? The snow queen tells the story of a little boy whose mind is corrupted and the little girl who saves him from this corruption. Is the snow queen good or evil? Well, I suppose you will have to read the story to find out!

You can find multiple compilations of these stories such as the one found here; Amazon.com: Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales (Puffin Classics): 9780141329017: Andersen, Hans Christian, Pienkowski, Jan: Books

I personally enjoy wandering antique or thrift stores to find beautiful, vintage copies as well!

Bonus fun fact; Arthur Rackham illustrated many children's stories and fairytales we know and love, including this image of the snow queen.

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