By Anna SmolikHagen

Anna Is Still Here


For three long years Anna lived in the attic of a friend of a member of the underground. Now that the war is over her family has to rebuild their lives together. All their family and friends are dead. The experiences her parents had are left a secret causing Anna to lose trust and become uneasy when with her parents. She is made fun of for having to hide and for being three years behind in school. She feels alone, as if she is still hiding...until she meets Mrs. Neumann, who is also Jewish. She lost her daughter, Frannie, and her husband in the war, but is determined they are still alive. As Anna and mrs Neumann share their stories of hiding they become very fond of each other, they only trust each other. Will Anna ever be able to fully be able to recover from her nightmares of The Holocaust?


The theme of Anna Is Still Here in my opinion is don't give up hope! In this book Don't Give up hope is portrayed in several spots. The first one I will share with you is when Anna has to hide in Mr. de Bree's attic. Despite her crazy adventures, mishaps, lack of food, and loneliness, Anna never lost hope. She'd always tell herself her parents were alright and she would be able to see them soon. The next place I will share will be about her relationship recovery with her family. Everything was uneasy when Anna and her parents reunited. But she and Mama & Papa never lost hope that their family would one day return to their old occurrences and ways of life. Finally, I would like to share you probably the biggest place in this story where the characters never lose hope. This situation is between Anna and Mrs. Neumann; after Mrs. Neumann tells Anna about her daughter and her story they both help each other continue to believe Frannie is still living.

The Underground Resistance During The Holocaust

The resistance was created by Jews because they weren't going to just let the Nazis wipe out their race. Some of their goals were to join partisan camps, create uprisings against the nazis, and breaking out of Ghettoes. Now, the resistances wasn't created to try and defeat the nazis but let others be aware of how horrid it was. The underground was a solution that the resistors came up with to help hiding, escapes, and uprisings planning and execution.

In my book the underground and resistance were portrayed pretty spot on. Anna was supposed to go to some one else's house instead of Mr. De Bree's, but he was killed by Nazis who found out he was part of the underground. This would of happened because the nazis didn't like the idea of being wrong, or people who supported Jews living. The resistance notified a member that there was a girl in the woods waiting to be picked up by a man who would take her in. This would of happened in real life. The underground then found a new place for her to stay.


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