Safety Tips For Your Home Pool!!!

10 Safety Tips About Pools At Home!

1.Always have supervision by a adult(if you are a little kid).2.Always have a pool fence around any pool that you have at home.3.Do not  have any toys in your pool because kids are attracted to them and might drown in the pool.4.Always have a long noodle stick next to the pool so that when kids are in trouble they have something to cuddle and help them float.5.Do not panic if you do not  know how to swim or you will drown.6.Always have a resuscitation chart at your near the pool.7.Do not dive in the pool unless you know how deep your pool is.8.Do not ever go to the pool/pools alone.9.Make sure the fence around the pool works properly!!10.If you are a little kid do not dive in any pool you see.

Checklist for your pool!!

1.Make sure the gap between the gate and the fence is less than 100mm.
2.Make sure your swimming pool fence has no gaps or holes.
3.Make sure that climable objects near the pool fence removed to a safe and secure place.
4.Never leave a child with a irresponsible and immature teenager.
5.Do you have a RCD or RCCB on power supply?Well,make sure you do and is fixed properly.