By: Iman Saqib

How is Formaldehyde used? What are its benefits?

Formaldehyde is used in the production of fertilizer, paper, and plywood and as a preservative in antiseptics and medicine. It is widely used to manufacture building materials and household products. Formaldehyde Is also commonly used as a preservative in hair smoothing, straightening products, nail polish, baby shampoo, color cosmetics and more. Formaldehyde Is used to create hard capsules that deliver drugs in the form of pills. The formaldehyde-based pill coatings slow the dissolution of the pill and help in maximum absorption of the medicine. In cosmetics formaldehyde prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. It is also used to make artificial limbs, heart valves and pacemakers.

What are the chemical and physical properties of Formaldehyde?

Fomaldehyde, also known as methylene oxide, is a simple chemical compound made of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, CH2O. It's molecular weight is 30.3 g/mol. It is a colorless, flammable gas with a pungent suffocating odor at room temperature. It is usually used in its water solution, formalin, rather than its pure form. It emits toxic fumes under fire-conditions. It's melting point is -92 degrees Celsius.


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