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Award-Winning Author, PJ Hoover, October 22

Put First Things First: How to attend the PJ Hoover Author visit on Thursday, October 22

1. Visit www.pjhoover.com to learn more about our guest author and her hero's journey from computer engineer to award-winning author!

2. Fill out the "I'd like to see the PJ Hoover author presentation" form.

3. If you have Reading class period 3,6, or 8, you will attend during that reading period. If not, please fill out the permission form stating the period you choose to attend.

Choose the class that would be best for you, either

  • 3rd period
  • 6th period
  • 8th period

Synergize: Special Coding Class with the author for interested students during 1st Period October 22

Do you like to play minecraft or Scratch?

Did you know you can use computer code to create their own video games for learning?

Our award-winning guest author, PJ Hoover, spent 15 years building computer chips in Austin before changing her career to be an author. She is available to share her love of creating on the computer with our students during 1st period on October 22.

Sign up below to join us as students learn the power of creating with the computer during a special session by PJ Hoover. You will also need permission from your 1st period teacher.

Sign up here to reserve your spot for the computer coding class during first period Oct 22

Coding Class Permission form signed by First period Teacher

PJ Hoover's award-winning book is available in the Lopez Library

Tut can also be downloaded from our Overdrive digital library

click here for the digital version of Tut

Please contact Mrs. Jenke, the Lopez librarian, for more information