Robot Wars

Hosted by the REDS!

Introducing Robot Wars

The time is now! This month, the REDS will be hosting the 2014 Robot Wars at the High School in January. There is going to be food stands, gift shops, food trucks and ACTION with the unbeatable FLAME!! The mightiest of all! Come and watch the intense matches at the CHS gym! It will be at the HighSchool Gym on January 20th, 2015. Admission is $10.
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4:00~6:00: Accepting tickets

6:00~6:30: Introduce the whole Robot Wars and introduce contestants also guest speakers from CAMP

6:30~7:20: Begin Robot Wars

7:20~7:40: Snack Break and gather results

740~7:50: Announce results and give award to winner

7:50~8:00: Last words from Charity and ending speech and thank you speech, everyone goes home


Law and Public Safety

We will be needing 10 security personals. 4 will be around the arena and inside also, 3 will be around parking lot/outside with the charity booth and food trucks. Lastly, 1 will be walking around with the crowd making sure everything is okay around there. We will be expecring 1,500-2,000 people to attend. For any emergencies around the crowd, arena, or parking lot, the security guards will escort everyone and make sure that everyone is escorted to a safe place and is escorted safely. And if anyone is injured or hurt, since the fire station is very close, they will come pick them up quickly and escorted to a close hospital or so, as soon as possible.


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Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

Everything didn't take too much. The stadium was , and only $50 was spent on chairs because most of them were the school's chairs. The food stands were just sets of tables and chalk board. The gift shop was just a roof tent. with just some stands inside with all the items. The bleachers were free because they were already there. everything was low costed. Everything is calculated and is included in the spreadsheet.


Human Services

The Children's Association for Maximum Potential(CAMP) is a non-profit organization that provides a wide range of recreational, rehabilitative, educational, and respite service for children and adults with developmental disabilities. There are many programs like summer camps, year round respite programs, health equipment loan, daycare, mildly ill daycare, parent conferences, medical, professional training and youth leadership training that CAMP holds yearly. The CAMP's programs are the provision of medical support. The charity was founded 1979, and incorporated as a 501 non-profit organization in 1980. Today children and adults with disabilities and special health care needs to attend week long camp sessions held each summer from May to August. CAMP does it's best to ensure that no one is ever turned away based on the severity of their disability or their inhabitility of teh family to pay, so if they can get the help, they need and want all the support they can get!


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We are planning to hang up the posters all around Coppell. There will be some posted at the High School, Elementary schools, Middle schools, Recreation center, the YMCA, and other places. We will post information about it on social media and over the internet to make people come to Robot Wars.


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This is our sketch for our robot FLAME!! And a picture of how it turned out! Flame didn't really turn out the way we drew it, but it came out nicely. There were some changes, but we built it as close as possible.

-Evelyn and Dillon

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