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Silk scarf more and more into use. Many not only hat are how to tie it correctly. With on sober there are many. However, because a large number of difficult to get one that will appeal to you and others, and make you more attractive. Quite by Pollard French knot.

Silk scarf - beautiful with by the GSS do not own the image on, add a touch of romance and elegance. Thanks to silk scarves tied French knot, simple, inexpensive dress or suit is changing, and with it the transformation to a number to change and you - of course, the better.

You should to learn to tie a French knot. Do it when you're on the power of the silk scarf. It is not enough that the silk - a beautiful material that looks always excellent. When silk touches your body, you possessed a sense of tenderness, joy and affection. Like the hand of a loved one give you my heat.

Go to practical on yam. Scarf should be ninety to ninety. Color can be hit by desire and taste. Develops in such a way that for radiated by Lose five centimeters. Laid so scarf will look great with a dress that has any form of cut. If you want to combine a knotted handkerchief with a blouse with a collar, then races to node is not on the side, and at the center. Wrap the wholesale scarves around the neck, crossing over the ends of the back and pulling forward. Align the ends and tie Oldie on molecular assembly on d on, and then another node. Do not forget to spread the ends hanging down. Here at French knot that on can change your on line. Depending on how you do for love on handkerchief or slightly loosen. And if you decide to move the unit slightly to the right or to the left, you will look more elegant.

It seems that some silk scarf tied on site, and how to change your look. You have become a modern, elegant and confident. So it must be concluded that even the smallest element of your clothing is essential hat off the, and should be treated seriously.