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Galveston is a coastal city located on Galveston Island and Pelican Island. The community of Galveston has 208.3 square miles, with a population of 47,762 people. Galveston is the county seat and second-largest municipality of Galveston County. The city of Galveston is situated on Galveston Island, a barrier island off the Texas Gulf coast near the mainland coast. Galveston is made up of mostly sand-sized particles and smaller amounts of finer mud sediments and larger gravel-sized sediments.
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I felt a sense of peace as we arrived. I was walking through the hot sand and smelling the salty air. There were many voices of laughter, cries, and celebration surrounding me, but I felt as If I was the only one here. A gentle breeze was blowing my hair and the coolness of the wind was exhilarating. I looked around and realized that this place wasn't anything I could ever imagine. I thought to myself "How much better can it get?"