By Caleb & Julius

Information about Ecuador

Population: 15.74 million (2013)

Capital: Quito

Size Compared To Nevada: Nevada (US) is 1.12 times as big as Ecuador.

Food: Ecuador is known for its fabulous exotic fruits, high-quality fish and seafood, and the countless varieties of Andean potatoes.

Home Life: One of the top retirement destinations in the world due in part to its quiet, simple lifestyle and low cost of living. Thus, many have thought of moving here.

Education: They go to school for 12 years, Kindergarten 1st to 6th grade, 7th to 12th grade

Entertainment: Mostly just street performers

Sports: Soccer, Tennis, and other Olympic sports

Music, arts, crafts, and customs:

Religion: 95% roman catholic and 5% other religions

Other information about Ecuador

Popular Business: Visiting Angels and Precision Concrete Cutting

Climate/seasons/weather: about 50° F at night and as high as 76° F during the day

Popular animals: Marine Iguanas, jaguar, ocelot

Vegetation: more than 25 000 species of plants present in the country

Currency: US $

Work: Petroleum is what most people work with.

Facts:The colors of the flag is yellow for the diversity in the country, blue for the sky and the sea, and red for the blood of those who fought for independence, also Ecuador has a lot of active and inactive volcanoes.

Tourist destination: The Ecuadorian Soccer Stadium

Major cities: Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Salinas

Famous People From Ecuador