All About Smog

A Mixture of Smoke and Fog

What is It?

The term smog comes from a mixture of the two words smoke and fog. These refer to the appearance of smog, not the composition. Smog is the term for ozone that occurs at ground level. Ozone is a transparent gas with no smell. It has benefits and detriments. The benefit is that ozone found high in the atmosphere reflects UV rays, forming a shield for earth. However, ozone found at low altitudes is harmful.

How It is Formed and Why is it Bad

Smog forms when pollutants that are emitted from factories, cars, and even homes chemically react when exposed to sunlight. They produce a layer of ozone, which is smog. Smog is harmful because it can irritate your respiratory system, ruin the function of your lungs, aggravate people with asthma, and most importantly it can affect a person's ability to fight off infections and protect themselves from illness and bacteria. It is important that we spread awareness of this possibly deathly issue.

We hope you spread awareness.