The World of Psychologists

Written by #1 Psychologist, Stella Yim

Overall Job Description

Psychologists study mental, social, and emotional growths and habits by observing, understanding, and recording the actions of how people interact with each other and with the environment.

Major Job Responsibilities

  • organizing scientific research to study behavior and brain function
  • collecting information through interviews, surveys, tests, observations, etc.
  • finding patterns that will help them figure out and predict behavior
  • using their knowledge to improve their understanding of individuals or groups of people
  • creating programs that can help with the psychological concerns of schools and other workplaces
  • working with individuals and/or different groups of people to assist them in making changes to their ways of life
  • identifying and analyzing mental, social, or emotional disorders
  • developing and carry out treatment plans for patients
  • working together with other physicians and/or social workers to help treat patients

Working Conditions

There are many different types of psychologists who work in different places, such as.....

  • Some work in clinics, hospitals, rehab centers, and community/mental health centers
  • Industrial-organizational psychologists (work psychologists) work in business settings or human resources offices
  • Most research psychologists work in colleges and universities, government agencies, or private research organizations
  • Most school psychologists work in public schools, anywhere from elementary school through college

Current Salary (National Salary Data)

Median Annual Psychologist Salary as of January 31, 2016

$87,712 with a range usually between $78,118-$99,795.

(salary may vary depending on a variety of elements including industry, company size, location, years of experience, level of education, etc.)

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Education Needed

  • Mainly a doctoral degree or post-doctoral training
  • Many need more than five years of experience
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Job Outlook

There are average opportunities of sharing this career in Illinois.
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