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Hero Introduction

Who doesn't look up to someone who gives them life advice? My personal hero is my father. My dad has been able to give me advice in many situations. He is a hero to me because he has taught me to persevere even when it is hard to and can give me life advice.

What Is a Hero

What Is a Hero

When somebody thinks of a hero, they think of a person who has a cape, a person who saves people in need, a person who fights evil and can conquer them. According to dictionary.com, a hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. But a hero doesn't have to be a man in a cape with powers to help good, do they? It doesn't matter if it is a man or woman with a cape, it all depends on if they are a hero to you personally. A hero is somebody that you can look up to, somebody that you know will be at your side in tough times.

A hero is someone who you look up to and believe in. Imagine a kid who looks up to his hero in the toughest of times. Consider how this can help kids to find new ways to think of their hero. What influence would it give these kids if their hero wasn't a role model to them? What if they didn’t have a hero at all? If you didn't have somebody that you are able to look up to, then you would not have a role model. Without a role model, kids might not make the best decisions in life. If there is nobody for you to trust, then you could become secretive and not let people in. If you don't have a hero, there is nobody you can share all of these things with. Looking up to somebody is very important for you because if nobody is there to help you, then you don’t have a hero.

A hero is a person who helps you through your hard times. When we are in Florida or on another vacation, my dad takes his time to be with me in the water or anywhere else. I think that this is very kind because he spends his time with me when he could be with my mother or his friends. On my vacation over winter break I got altitude sickness. When I was sick, my dad decided to help me recover rather than being with parents his age. I think this is important because it shows that he helps me when I am struggling even when he would rather do other things. If my dad hadn't spent this time with me, then I could have been lonely and sick. Sometimes we all take things for granted. I know that I sometimes take my parents, siblings and friends for granted. Without all of these people supporting me and helping me, then many things could be different. This is like any hero you could read in a comic book. At first they take him for granted but then they realize how bad things are when he's not there. This is like me because a lot of the time when my dad is on a trip for work, I feel like I need him more than when he isn't there. Without having someone to look up to like my dad, it would be harder for me to appreciate everything that I have and what is around me.

After acknowledging what a hero actually is, it makes sense that it doesn’t matter about

saving the world or helping people with difficulties. It doesn’t matter if the person who is

your hero is not special to anyone else. If you can personally connect to the person who is

your hero, then that is all that matters.

Untouchable Hero Essay

Untouchable Hero Essay

Legend. Savior. Hero. That is him. Nobody thought that an African-American could ever change America’s pass time. Little did many people know, it was the exact opposite. He has changed the way everybody plays baseball. He made people change their opinion on the game. He made people believe in new things, which changed people's opinions on a beloved sport. He made people think to give black people a chance. Jackie Robinson was definitely a hero to many people because he inspired people to keep on pushing.

Jackie Robinson is a hero because he persevered even when he was discouraged. Robinson changed everything for black people in the future and in the time that he played.Many people still look up to Robinson today "Jackie Robinson opened the door of baseball to all men. He was the first to get the opportunity, but if he had not done such a great job, the path would have been so much more difficult(Contemporary Black Biography)”. This shows that he persevered because he fought through every obstacle that there was before he could reach his goal. He did not let his teammates get to his head when he started playing or let the other teams affect what he was going to do. Not only did this perseverance affect him when was playing, but this quote shows how people still look up to him even today.

My father perseveres through tough times, especially at the beginning each year because he travels non-stop. An example of this is at the beginning of the year for my dad. He has to travel a lot at this time for work, so it is hard for him to do things with our family. Yet we still take a trip to Colorado now. This shows that he perseveres in this difficult time. Jackie Robinson has persevered to change baseball forever. Now these are not the same thing, but they have the same intention. The intention is to make things better for the people around you and for the people in the future. My dad and Jackie Robinson are both heros because they persevere to make people's lives better in the present and future.

I wondered how Jackie Robinson got to where he was. Jackie Robinson had so many people discriminating against him that it would be hard, but you need to persevere in difficult times.I personally think that Jackie Robinson would tell me to follow my dreams because that is what he did. My father taught me to persevere even when it is hard to, and Jackie Robinson taught me to persevere even when it is hard.

Passion Project Connection

Learning how to hit a backhand slice in tennis relates to my personal hero because one of his favorite passtimes is to play tennis. Although he does have an injured knee, this does not prevent him from being able to play tennis. Tennis is a big part of our lives because every person in my family plays it. My dad was not always a tennis player himself, though he started to play when he married my mom. Because my dad, mom, grandma and grandpa play tennis me and my siblings do too. Both my brother and sister played tennis at New Trier and I plan to do the same. It is obvious that tennis is a big part of my family and it’s important to me. The reason that I chose to do the backhand slice is because this is one shot that I do not know how to hit very well.

Hero Haiku

Caring, Helpful, Kind

My father and my hero

Always there for me