BHS Senior News

April 23, 2020 Update

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A letter from Mrs. DeMaio

Dear Parents and Students of the class of 2020:

There isn't really a whole lot of new information at this time. We are continuing our planning efforts for senior events. As soon as we receive your caps and gowns, we will pass those out at the same time we collect your school materials. When that date has been established, we will let you know.

I did have a few parents contact me in regards to volunteering to help put on a senior picnic. I have started a list and will be sharing it out to those parents next week. If you are interested in helping to provide food, entertainment, or anything else for a senior dinner please contact me and I will add you to the list.

We hope you are continuing in good health. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or teachers. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay positive and stay BUCKSTRONG!

Mrs. DeMaio

Senior Grading

There has been some confusion about senior grading that we need to clarify.

Any senior who was PASSING with a 60% or higher at the time of closure does not have to complete any work (with the exception of Mrs. Neal's Research Paper). Grades will be given based on the grade earned as of March 11. If a senior would like to IMPROVE that grade, they are encouraged to complete missing work, tests, and quizzes to do so.

Any senior who was FAILING with a 59% or lower at the time of closure must complete a final project (as well as Mrs. Neal's Research Paper). Seniors who were failing and wish to improve their grade are still encouraged to complete missing assignments, tests and quizzes but must also complete the final project.

Any senior who was taking an online class (ELab) or a college class must still complete the full semester requirements for those courses. CTE students must complete their certification testing and requirements. In most cases, these CTE courses fulfill graduation requirements, therefore it is imperative that students complete the requirements set forth in their respective programs.

Senior Dinner

Although we will not be planning a Senior Dinner, we would like to encourage parents to step in and plan a Senior picnic or BBQ in its place. The school will be more than happy and willing to help invite all seniors and spread the word. If you are interested in hosting this event when it is socially responsibly to do so, please send me an email and I can connect the parents that are willing to either help provide food or location.

Senior Parents - Celebrate your student and buy a yearbook ad!

Senior Parents - we know this is not how you thought senior's year would end, but there are still many ways to celebrate your senior. Our yearbook crew has reopened the senior ad sales for you through May 1st in order to allow more parents to celebrate their seniors. Please fill out the attached Google form, then send a check to the HS business office with "yearbook" and "your student's name" in the comment section.

Thank you for supporting our yearbook and helping us celebrate our Seniors!

Click here to celebrate your senior with a yearbook ad!

Buy your 2019-2020 Yearbook before it's too late!

Yearbook sales close at the end of April and it will be a historic book this year! You will want to share this edition with your kids and grand kids!

Students were asked to participate in the all school survey that emailed. These are due on April 17th. Don't forget to email Mr. Philip ( pictures of what you are doing to stay busy during the closure. We have already had a great response so far.

Seniors were emailed for senior superlatives. That survey is also due on April 17th.

Are you in need of Internet?

If you need access to the Internet to complete any of your coursework, our Tech Team has installed access points in the parking lot of our building. Students should park in the high school student parking lot and your district provided device will automatically connect to the High School hotspot. If you are using your own device, you may connect to the BCS_GUEST network at any of our four campuses. The free guest network is available to everyone and does not require a username or password. The Internet provided through this service is filtered the same as it would be if the student using were using a computer inside the building. If anyone should experience problems connecting, they may contact the Help Desk through email at or phone at 269-695-8428.