Sammy Davis Jr.

Who was this amazing entertainer??

Who was Sammy Davis Jr.??

Sammy Davis was an amazing entertainer, he sang, danced, tap danced and acted. He also fought for his rights and was there when Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world. He tried hard when he was a kid to become a Celebrity. He always wanted to become a singer and dancer. When Sammy was kid he had trouble with his family but that didn't stop him from becoming a successful celeb. He also became a comedian at a young age. You usually don't find someone with all of those talents. But he, he was an amazing celebrity He became a New York City Broadway Star at around age 17.

More about Mr. Sammy Davis Jr.

He was born on December 8, 1925. He died of Cancer on May 16, 1990 due to smoking in Beverly Hills California. He had two wives. His first one was Mary Brit, was in 1960 they were married for 8 years. They had 1 girl together and adopted 2 boys. His second wife was Altuvy Score in 1970.