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Parent Edition, 7 January 2016

From the Principal's Desk / Desde el escritorio del director

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to our amazing school for another amazing semester! I am thrilled to be back at Zarrow for an upcoming second semester that will be filled with excitement of learning, fun classes, and even those challenging state mandated tests. Yes, I said it...tests. But, I am not worried in the least about the success of our students as I believe in them more than you all know. I also believe in our teachers and have been honored to work along their sides as I have learned so much from them as professionals in the field of education. With that being said, we are still working hard at creating bilingual and biliterate students so that we might not only create wonderful citizens of our society, but rather multicultural young men and young women that will become the change that we wish to see in the world. In order to do this, though, we must have your commitment, as well as your child's commitment, to have your child at school everyday, and on time everyday. Currently, we are doing well with absences and tardies, but a preventive attitude is a smart attitude. The only way that we can teach our students Oklahoma Academic Skills, as well as Spanish as our target language, is to have them in school. For this reason, I wanted to start the New Year with a reminder about how important it is to be at Zarrow for learning. Attached is a document that briefly explains the importance of being in school and the detriment of absences. Please, take some time to read the document (English and Spanish) and share this with your children. Knowledge truly is power, and you all are truly awesome!

Happy New Year to you and yours, and may blessings shower your families and the Zarrow Family, too!


Sr. Kellito



Queridos padres,

¡Bienvenidos de nuevo a nuestra escuela increíble para otro semestre increíble! Estoy muy contento de estar de vuelta en Zarrow para un próximo segundo semestre que estará lleno de emoción de aprendizaje, clases divertidas, e incluso aquellos desafiantes pruebas estatales obligatorios. Sí, lo dije ... pruebas. Pero, no estoy preocupado en lo más mínimo por el éxito de nuestros estudiantes como yo creo en ellos más de lo que saben. También creo en nuestros maestros y he tenido el honor de trabajar a lo largo de sus lados como he aprendido tanto de ellos como profesionales en el campo de la educación. Con eso se dice, todavía estamos trabajando duro en la creación de los estudiantes bilingües y biculturales (bialfabetizados) para que podamos no sólo crear maravillosos ciudadanos de nuestra sociedad, sino multiculturales hombres y mujeres jóvenes que se convertirán en el cambio que deseamos ver en el mundo . Con el fin de hacer esto, sin embargo, debemos tener su compromiso, así como el compromiso de su hijo, para que su hijo esté en la escuela todos los días, y que llegue a tiempo todos los días. Actualmente, estamos haciendo bien con las ausencias y tardanzas, pero una actitud preventiva es una actitud inteligente. La única manera en que podemos enseñar a nuestros estudiantes las habilidades académicas de Oklahoma, así como español como nuestro idioma meta, es tenerlos en la escuela. Por esta razón, yo quería empezar el año nuevo con un recordatorio de lo importante que es estar en Zarrow para el aprendizaje. Se adjunta un documento que explica brevemente la importancia de estar en la escuela y el detrimento de las ausencias. Por favor, tómese un tiempo para leer el documento (inglés y español) y comparta esto con sus hijos. ¡Sabiduría es poder, y todos ustedes son verdaderamente impresionante!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo para ustedes y los suyos, y que tengan muchas bendiciones para sus familias y para la familia Zarrow, también!


Sr. Kellito



PTA News

Friendship Grams Coming Soon!

Selling Friendship Grams is a way for fourth graders to raise money for the legacy gift they leave behind in fifth grade. Please help support the fourth graders by buying your friendship grams. There will be a display board at the General PTA meeting next week. Watch for information in the January 21 Thursday folder.

Blow Pop - $1.00
3 Assorted Puzzle Erasers - $3.00
Bundle - 2 Blow Pops & 3 Assorted Erasers - $4.00
Class set of Blow Pops - $20.00

Please contact Maegen Nair with any questions.
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Don't be an airhead!

Join us Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.

This righteous, adult-only shin-dig will feature food from Tulsa's primo restaurants, drinks, silent and live auctions, bead game, and much more.

Bomb Diggity!

Tickets are available now -

visit http://zis.schoolauction.net/vz2016/

• Donate silent auction items or SIGN UP to donate a silent auction basket for a chance to win 2 General Admission tickets: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/30E0C4CADAD2DA0FE3-silent

• Get donated gift cards or wine bottles for the Gift Card Pull and Wine Pull

• Watch for opportunities to volunteer!



Foundation Focus

- Special Board Meeting on Thursday, Jan. 7 at 6:30 pm at 2661 E. 33rd Pl. to vote on, amongst other items, Proposed Amended Bylaws which would amend the Amended Bylaws to create two new officer positions (a President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect), each of which would be elected during the February Regular Board Meeting each year.

- HZIS Foundation Thank You Days at Tulsa Children’s Museum (more details coming soon)

- Prime spots available for advertising at ZIS! Go to zarrowschoolfoundation.org/banner-ads for more information.

A Word from the Counselor

Most parents are aware that children with healthy self-esteem make friends easily, do well in school and generally have good behavior. Here are some tips for helping to develop a healthy self-esteem in your child.

  • Help your child feel special and appreciated by spending one-on-one time with him each week. Let your child know when this time will be so he can look forward to it. Refrain from answering the phone or other distractions during your special time. Focus on doing things the child enjoys. Your child strength’s will shine, and you will have an opportunity to point them out. This can become a very relaxing ritual for you and your child.
  • Allow your child to solve problems and make decisions. High self-esteem is associated with problem solving skills. Rather than always giving advice, ask your child what they are going to do about the problem. Encourage him to brainstorm ideas, weigh consequences, and choose the best option.
  • Avoid comments that are judgmental. Refrain from saying, “You just need to study harder!” Instead, say, “Are you pleased with your grade? What do you think you need to do to improve it?”
  • Provide opportunities for child to help others. This month our character focus is compassion. When we are compassionate we respond to the suffering of others. It may be a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry or in trouble. Perhaps your child could tutor or read to a younger child. Becoming involved in a charity or community service can boost one’s self-esteem and help him to realize his strengths..

Remind your child that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Self-acceptance, including our weaknesses, can be modeled by adults. With a cheerful attitude, tell your child what your strengths and talents are, as well as your problem areas! You are your child’s hero. If a hero isn’t perfect; your child does not have to be either!

I am grateful to be a part of all the good things that are happening at Zarrow!

Ann Butler

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

Jan 4 - Courtney Bennett

Jan 16 - Edie Haley

Jan 20 - Shae Gonzalez

Jan 23 - Martha Chavez

Jan 25 - Monica Bocalandro

Jan 25 - Marilyn Tschida

Jan 26 - Margarita Rojo

Jan 28 - Francie Hamer

Upcoming Events

January 15 - No School; Professional Day

January 18 - No School; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 25 - Skate Night

January 26 - Dinner Club Sisserou's (Brady Arts District)