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Featured Cool Cat of the Week

Name: Steven Seitz

Title: Prekindergarten teacher

Number of years worked at Hartman: 7

Previous teaching job: Taught 2 years at Katy ISD

Family: Married to wife Kylie for 8 years, Son Harrison 4 years old, Daughter Hadley 2 years old

What he loves most about Hartman: "I love the family feel among the staff and how we go above and beyond for our students. We always look to not only fill the students' educational needs, but to make sure they are taken care of in all areas of their lives."

What he likes to do when he's not at school: Workout, watch sports, play with his kids

Favorite teams: Texas A&M, Houston Texans, Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres

Something most people don't know about Steven: He was in band from 6th grade through his senior year in college. He can play multiple instruments.

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Congratulations to the Jimmy John's Student of the Week Jazmine Fuller!

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Counselor's Corner

Wylie ISD is participating in the 21 Healthy Snack Challenge. This is a perfect time to think about our children's activity level as well. I was reading an article the other day about how much physical activity adults should get every day. That author proposed that for most us, we should try getting in a little more activity than what we normally do. I would suggest the same for our children. There are many benefits for our children to be physically active every day. A few of those benefits are:

1. Improved learning in school

2. Better sleep

3. Overall better health (muscles, bones, growth, weight, heart, etc.)

4. Improved self esteem, concentration, confidence, and happiness

5. Improved teamwork, leadership, friendship skills, and cooperation

The benefits are great! Here are a few ways to help your child become more active.

1. Go on walks or bike rides together.

2. Take your child to the park.

3. Have your child play outside every day.

4. Limit screen time (all electronics) and don't allow screens in their bedrooms.

5. Let your child choose one organized team/sport to join if possible.

Keep in mind that children follow our lead. If we are outside and being active, then they will want to do the same. Select one way for your child to become a little more active and try it out this weekend. Here's to your family's health!

Best Regards,

Holly Hensley

Hartman School Counselor

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Thank you to Nurse Judy for your service to Hartman. We wish you the best in your retirement!

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Volunteer Opportunity

If you would like to help the Hartman PTA prepare the candy grams please contact PTA president and Hartman PE teacher Angela Haskins @ angela.haskins@wylieisd.net. We appreciate any and all help!

Hartman Cool Cats Enjoyed a Fun Evening Together at Family Engagement Night!

Mapping Your Future Follow Up Day

Wednesday, February 3rd is Wylie ISD's Mapping Your Future follow up day. This is a day that we will remind students about their strengths and using grit to reach their goals.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, January 29th: K-4 Awards Assembly 1:45

Wednesday, February 3rd: Wylie Way Mapping Your Future follow up day

Wednesday, February 3rd: 100th day of school

February 8th-11th: Candy grams on sale

Friday, February 12th: Breakfast with Dads 6:30-7:30am

Friday, February 12th: Valentine's Day parties 1:45-2:15

Monday, February 15th: No school for students, professional development for staff

Friday, February 19th: 4th Symphony field trip, 8-11:30am

Friday, February 26th: 80's costume day, pep rally 1:45

February 29th-March 4th: WISD college week

March 7th-11th: Spring Break

Thursday, March 17th: 1st grade musical 9am & 7pm

Thursday, March 17th: PTA general meeting 7pm

Thursday, March 24th: No school for students, professional development for staff

Thursday, March 25th: Good Friday, no school