Copy for free?

What is piracy?


To steal someones else work without the given permission.
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The consequences to piracy.

Some of the consequences of piracy is that you could be sued, and you broke a law under piracy, and then they could sue your company, and they could make your business look bad and not give you the electrical support that you may need.

Do you have the permission?

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The law that protects the work of the owner/ artist from it being stolen or given away.

Some consequences of copyright.

Some consequences of copyright would be that you could be sued by that company. The computer that you used copyright on would be shut down immediately, and shut down forever. Also your internet is shut down.

Do as I say not as I do.

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What is plagiarism.

To steal someones work and claim it as there own.

Consequences of Plagiarism.

The consequences of plagiarism is it will destroy your student reputation, your professional reputation, you will get sued, and it will destroy your academic reputation.

Safe or not?

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What is a strong password?

A string password is a password that cannot be hacked by a person or a piece of technology.

How to make your password strong!

A couple ways to make your password strong is by having a lot of characters and some added numbers or symbols to it. Also to not make it related with your life or family.