Adopt an Element

Abigail Wolf

Platinum (Pt)

Platinum has 78 protons and electrons, 117 neutrons. Its melting point is 1772.0 degrees and its boiling point is 3827.0 degrees. It is a solid in its normal phase. It costs $561 per ounce. It is classified as a metal. It belongs to the Transition Metals family. Its name originated from the spanish word platina meaning little silver. Platinum was discovered by Julius Scaliger in 1735.

It lasts forever no matter the weather.

Interesting Facts

It is the rarest of the precious metals. It is highly resistent to chemical attacks. It has stable electrical properties. It does not oxidize in airtony temperatures. It will corrode when exposed to cyanides, halogens, sulfur, and caustic alkalis. It is commonly used in gasoline, jewelry, and Chemo-therapy.