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Welcome Back!

I am excited to welcome the 6th grade students this year into the Junior High. We have been busy over the past year organizing to meet the needs of both the Junior and Senior High School. Below you will find information on how to contact both library staff members. You should also receive an email that you've been invited to the RHS Library calendar. This allows you to see the availability of the library and staff members and schedule times for your classes to come to the library. If you are not comfortable adding yourself to the calendar feel free to call or email and we will take care of it. We look forward to working with your classes this year!

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username: rossford password: power Need help navigating? Contact a librarian for help or to teach your class!

Toledo Lucas County Public Library Databases

Username: 5000123318 Password: 5262 See a librarian for which resources may work for you!

Destiny Quest

Find books and audiovisual materials for lessons in your school library!

Teacher Librarian Web 2.0 Wiki & Examples

See a few examples of different tools. Contact a librarian to schedule a time to work with your classes, co-plan or both!