Ronald Reagan-Foreign

Lexi Fry-Coy, Ryan Baker, Brett Francis, Kelsey Detchemendy

"Star Wars"

March 23, 1983

Reagan describes the USSR as "the evil empire," and proposes antiballistic missile defense system also known as "Star Wars".

The Antiballistic missile defense system is designed to stop incoming nuclear missiles in order to protect the United States.

Marines to Lebanon

1983-February 1984

1500 marines were sent to Lebanon in 1983 and withdrawn in 1984 after a suicide mission against marine barracks kills over 240 marines.

2 bombs struck separate buildings in the Beruit Buildings housing US Marines which resulted in many deaths and the removal of the United States' military.
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Soviets Boycott 1984 Olympics


As a retaliation to the US boycotting their hosted Olympics, the Soviets boycotted the 1984 Olympics held in Los Angeles.
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Berlin Wall

June 1987

Reagan, while on a visit to West Berlin, demands that Gorbachev "tear down the Berlin Wall."

Eventually after a couple years, Gorbachev accepted the challenge and began the destruction of the Berlin Wall to open up more freedom in Germany. Tearing down of the wall is said to be the epitome of the collapse of communism in history.
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No More Missles

June 1988

Reagan and Gorbachev agree to ban all short and medium rage nuclear missiles.This calmed down tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union.
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