Asheville Primary School Updates


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Endless SHINE

We look forward to seeing our ECE students perform this Thursday at Endless SHINE. Many thanks to our APS Enhancement Team for partnering with Michelle Hower (APS Mom) for this exciting experience with performance art. The performance is at 12:30 and will be live streamed for our remote students. Check your Seesaw for the Meet Code.
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EOG Testing for our 3rd Graders Starts this Week

You will start your day as you normally do. Go to your classroom to check in with your teacher and eat some breakfast or choose a favorite activity. One of the teachers you are testing with will come by and pick up your Chromebook at 8 AM and check in on you. (MAKE SURE YOUR COMPUTER IS CHARGED.) That same teacher will come back in about 5 minutes and take you to the restroom and for a quick trip outside for a mindful activity. The teacher will then take you to meet the other third graders in your test room so you can get started.

After testing, Principal Williams will have a special snack for you after all that hard work and you will spend some time outside for a break before going back to class for the rest of your day.

We know you will do YOUR always do. We just want you to know how much we love you and enjoy watching your curiosity in the classroom each day. This test is only ONE piece of information we gather about how amazing you are. All the third graders in North Carolina will be taking a test just like you this month. Remember to go to bed early tonight to rest your brain and body. Drink lots of water to fuel your thinking. Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. And the most important thing to remember is WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and already think YOU ARE AMAZING!

APS Shout Outs

Take a minute to show some gratitude. #SHINE

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Technology impacted our class pictures last Wednesday, as most of you know, when the internet service was interrupted Wednesday and Thursday. Our amazing IT department has fixed the issue and we are back online. We will finish getting class photos this week and send them out by your child's teacher. 1 2 3...SMILE..again!

Kindergarten Registration is this Friday, May 14 at Hall Fletcher...see you there!

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ACS Board Meeting TOMORROW

Click on this link for the board web site and information about tomorrow's meeting.

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Thank you for the signs on our lawn, the gifts at our doors, and the delicious food that made us all smile! We felt so loved by all of your acts of kindness last week. Thank you from all of the staff at APS!