tell tale heart


the mad man is driven insane by the old mans vulture eye, he solves the conflict by murduring the old man. "the old man was dead. I removed the bed and examined the corpse. yes, he was stone, stone dead."


the protagonist is haunted by the old man's vulture eye, he decided to murder the old man to end the madness. "it haunted me day and night...i think it was his eye!" he stalked the old man, planning, until one night when he made a mistake, the old man was awake. he murdered the old man, and disposed of his body, the police arrived. the protagonist, went mad with guilt and insanity, and showed the police where he hid the body.

"villains!" i shrieked, "dissemble no more! I admit the deed!--tear up the planks! here, here! --it is the beating of his hideous heart!"


Protagonist: The mad man. he moves the plot forward by trying to murder the vulture eye, and the old man.

Antagonist: the vultures eye/the old man. the mad man is being driven insane by the vulture eye. "he had the eye of a vulture- a pale blue eye, with a film over it...i made up my mind to take the life of the old man, thus rid myself of the eye forever"

secondary character: the police. they cause the mad man to reveal the body of the old man. "there entered three men, they introduced themselves, with perfect suavity, as officers of the police."


doing terrible things, brings back terrible consequences. "in an instant I dragged him to the floor, and pulled the heavy bed over him...the old man was dead...I felt that i must scream or die! and now-- again! --hark! louder! louder! louder! louder!"